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Youngevity & BlackOxygen – Crook Review



Youngevity is described in a troubling report by TINA as a continuation of BlackOxygen Organics.

BlackOxygen Organics, or BOO as it was referred as, was possibly the worst MLM failure of the previous year.

BOO sold Canadian bog mud that was taken from a location within a short distance near a dangerous industrial waste disposal plant. I’m sure you can guess how that ended up.

Due to potential health dangers, BlackOxygen Organics products were recalled by Health Canada in October 2021.

Stop using these medications. Don’t give the medications to kids or teenagers.

Near the end of November, BlackOxygen Organics closed. A class action lawsuit was launched against BOO around the same time, claiming the business supplied supplements that “are harmful for human use and ingestion.”

The BOO class action is still ongoing as of the time of publishing.

The FDA acknowledged that BOO’s goods included “elevated amounts of lead and arsenic” in December, one month later.

Regulators in the US have, regrettably, taken no further action against BOO or its CEO Marc Saint Onge.

This takes us to Youngevity, who, according to TINA, Saint Onge promptly contacted after shutting down BOO.

TINA reported on September 12th, citing an email issued by Youngevity to BOO distributors, that stated;

Through connections they shared, the management team of Black Oxygen Organics contacted Youngevity to see if there could be a way we could help them with their displaced Brand Partners and Customers.

They told Youngevity that they still have a close-knit group that is interested in them and that they would want to go somewhere where they can still take part in a compensation program. Youthfulness has that.

The BOO distributor database was presumably purchased by Youngevity from Saint Onge for an unknown fee.

It’s possible that Saint Onge also sold Youngevity the distribution rights to BOO’s outlawed goods.

A pamphlet for Youngevity’s new fulvic acid product, “Midnight Minerals,” was sent with the unwanted email.

TINA contacted Youngevity to see whether Midnight Minerals was a rebranded version of BOO’s restricted supplements. Youngevity made no comment.

I personally looked into this. The country of origin for Youngevity’s Midnight Minerals mask is not disclosed.

A Youngevity corporate webinar from June was the closest I could get to concluding that Midnight Minerals is drawn from Marc Saint Onge’s BOO industrial waste-polluted swamp.

Midnight Minerals’ CEO, Steve Wallach, spoke on the webinar and made the following pitch:

[11:46] Additionally, humic and fulvic acids are found in plants. Additionally, they are frequently linked to concentrated plant materials, such as the plant minerals found in Utah.

like the Canadian fulvic minerals from which this product is made. That originates from a Canadian peat bog.

All things considered, that essentially proves Youngevity is bringing in tainted bog muck that BlackOxygen Organics has banned under a different moniker.

The catch is that Wallach was referring to a brand-new ingestible product, although Youngevity had previously introduced Midnight Minerals as a skin mask and specifically stated that it was “not designed for human consumption.”

[12:05] This brand-new item is not yet on the market, but it soon will be. Its name, Midnight Minerals Fulvic Mins, reflects the fact that we have been working on it for quite some time.

Additionally, this is a dietary supplement that must be consumed. Therefore, there is mixing but no taste. Consequently, this product will be accessible in around a week.

Youngevity’s website states that Midnight Minerals Fulvic Mins are “pre-order through June 30, 2022” as of mid-September.

You may add Fulvic Mins to your basket, but Youngevity hasn’t yet sent it, based on the fact that there are no reviews yet.

It’s unclear whether or not this has anything to do with the FDA restriction. It’s really strange that Fulvic Mins aren’t accessible 2.5 months after Wallach promised they would be.

However, Youngevity’s decision to stop selling “poison in a capsule” is a success for consumer health.

But what about the mask from Midnight Minerals?

That takes us full circle to TINA, who show that former BOO distributors continued to consume Midnight Minerals despite consumption warnings;

In fact, a less than subtle homage to previous BOO bog munchers can be found on Youngevity’s website without ever leaving it;

That quote is from the April 2022 review section of the Midnight Minerals skin mask shop page on Youngevity’s website.

We had distributors on social media consuming the poison, spitting out their intestinal lining, and publishing pictures of dissected excrement on social media to highlight how terrible things with BOO become before authorities intervened.

If that wasn’t frightening enough, some of the images purported to be feces samples taken from their kids:

Now, Youngevity is selling the same tainted bog muck that the FDA forbade importation to the same insane clientele for profit.

Regarding Youngevity’s scheme to target former BOO distributors, endangering customers, and failing to reveal circumvention of an FDA prohibition on the importation of tainted bog soil, at the very least there is an FTC case to account for.

According to a Midnight Minerals Safety and Use Report available on Youngevity’s website, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead are present.

The “accidental intake” of earth from Midnight Minerals is the subject of the report. Distributors of BOO were shoving this crap down literally.

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Jojar Dhinsa & CashFX Group – Crook Review




Jojar Dhinsa has officially denied using the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme to defraud individuals.

Dhinsa appeared on NTV Unscripted on August 19th, according to Harry Page of the Facebook group “CashFX (in connection with EverFX) Scam – Now What!?”

NTV bills itself as “Bangladesh’s top TV channel.” It is televised locally throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

Rather of admitting to promoting a Ponzi scheme for profit, Dhinsa claims he never cheated anyone.

They’ve basically made stuff up about getting jailed for fraud or defrauding others, according to web reports.

I wish I had scammed folks so there would be some evidence.

Unfortunately for Dhinsa, finding the proof he says does not exist is not difficult.

Dhinsa went on to talk about defrauding individuals through CashFX Group after denying he had defrauded anyone.

I became acquainted with CashFX, a cryptocurrency multi-marketing firm, two years ago (Group).

I did some research. I felt I was assisting them, and I did assist them. I made some money but didn’t get involved all that much.

In retrospect, I should not have gotten engaged. I do not support them. I don’t recommend that folks look at them.

However, conduct your own research. Conduct your own research. And I finished my… a bit of a haphazard approach Which is not typical of me.

Dhinsa refuses to accept his victims or the fact that CashFX Group is a Ponzi scheme in which the only way to gain money is to defraud others.

Dhinsa sung a drastically different song when he joined CashFX Group in 2020 and was particularly challenged about his due-diligence into the Ponzi scam;

So the first thing that everyone does, including myself, is go online and Google it, and there was a lot of information on CFX. This, that, and the other fraud alert(s).

But then you have to take a step back and assess who is saying those things. Right?

Wrong. Your MLM due diligence on CashFX Group begins and finishes with “this is a Ponzi scam with fraud alarms from all around the world.”

It makes no difference who tells you this since you can independently check and corroborate the information.

But, of course, this was before Dhina discovered there was money to be stolen.

And they read the comments, and there were people saying, you know, it’s a scam, it’s this, it’s a Ponzi scheme, it’s a pyramid system.

Surprise, surprise, every organization on the earth, including mine, is a pyramid.

This is a classic diversion tactic used by pyramid scheme scammers. It is often built on a CEO sitting at the top of a diagram of management and staff in the shape of a pyramid.

I’m at the top. I have a Board of Directors, a management team, HR, a Head of Department, salesmen, and sales representatives. As a result, every institution, including the Royal Family and the British Army, is a pyramid system. So that’s not a problem.

The parallel fails because the movement of money inside a pyramid scheme, as well as the manner in which the money is created, is what makes it unlawful.

Nothing is offered or sold to retail customers by CashFX Group. Thus, CashFX Group’s MLM side acts very much like a pyramid scam (commissions are paid on new investor recruitment, which are sent upline to recruiters and the company’s owners).

The question I asked myself was, “Is it a Ponzi scheme?” and, “How do I know it’s not a Ponzi scheme?”

Because I read that it’s a Ponzi scam. You don’t make money from Ponzi schemes, and blah yada yada.

So I read the reviews. I distributed it internally to my team for review. Then I decided to contact someone in Panama, most likely from one of Panama’s wealthiest families.

“Would you mind coming to the offices for me and taking some shots of everything?” I asked Niko.

And he went… He made new friends there. “Look, they’re redoing the offices,” he added… “Fine, thank you very much,” I said.

We examined the system’s back end, the CRM system. It appears to be OK.

Dhinsa claims he sought “everyone” who approached him about his CashFX Group involvement for proof that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scam.

In July 2019, BehindMLM presented proof that CashFX Group was a Ponzi scam.

Dhinsa makes no mention of this evidence or why he overlooked it. Likewise, CashFX has gotten several securities fraud alerts from regulators all around the world by that point.

Because my reputation is very important to me.

Dhinsa ruined his reputation by joining, promoting, and eventually benefitting from CashFX Group.

Dhinsa’s advertising of CashFX Group was very shady. Dhina targeted the homeless in the UK, stating that by hiring them for CashFX Group, he would “affect 1 million lives.”

Dhinsa’s Ponzi marketing legacy was followed by other CashFX Group crooks.

I’m not sure when Dhinsa quit CashFX Group. When the money ran out, he slunk away silently.

In early 2020, CashFX Group began postponing withdrawal payments. Delays continued for the following year and a half, eventually leading to CashFX Group suspending withdrawals in late 2021.

BehindMLM identifies this as the demise of CashFX Group.

Huascar Lopez, CashFX Group’s founder and CEO, will leave the Dominican Republic in late 2021. What began as a vacation to Italy has now revealed itself to be the beginnings of an exit-scam.

Lopez has not been seen in public for some months. His present whereabouts and condition are unknown.

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BitClub Network – Crook Review Part 2




Jobadiah Weeks, Silviu Balaci, and Joe Abel of the BitClub Network are slated to be sentenced in March 2023.

The following sentences were postponed for the trio on August 12th:

Jobadiah Sinclair Weeks is scheduled to be sentenced on March 14, 2023.
Silviu Catalin Balaci will be punished on March 16, 2023, and Joseph Frank Abel on March 21, 2023.
All three are anticipated, but not assured, to serve time in jail.

For the time being, BitClub Network defendant Matt Goettsche is defending the criminal allegations leveled against him. His lawsuit has been adjourned until October 2022.

Russ Medlin, the defendant, is imprisoned in Indonesia for child sex offences.

In related news, Weeks (right) filed on August 8th to have his house confinement converted to curfew.

We sincerely request that Mr. Weeks’ bail restrictions be changed from home confinement to a curfew in order for him to attend family events and visit family-owned properties in Colorado.

The Pretrial Services Officer has advised us that they are open to this revision in light of Mr. Weeks’ general compliance with his release restrictions.

The United States defers to Pretrial Service’s viewpoint, as represented by Assistant United States Attorney Anthony Torntore.

Weeks first believed he could pull a fast one while under custody. Weeks seemed to have accepted his fate and settled down, according to PreTrial Services’ evaluation.

On August 15th, Weeks’ application for a curfew adjustment was approved.

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Eric Dalius & Saivian & SEC- Crook Review




Eric J. Dalius secured an agreement with the SEC over Saivian securities fraud.

The news comes after the Saivian defendants reopened discussions with the SEC in June.

According to a Joint Stipulation filed on August 9th;

On August 5, 2022, the Parties held a telephone settlement conference… during which the SEC and the Defendants other than Defendant Ryan Morgan Evans reached an agreement in principle.

Other defendants in the SEC’s Saivian Ponzi case besides Ryan Evans include Eric J. Dalius, Professional Realty Enterprises, Inc., Saivian LLC, Savings Network App LLC, and Realty Share Network LLC.

Details about Dalius’ Saivian colony are likely to be released in the coming months.

In 2015, BehindMLM recognized Saivian as a Ponzi scam. In 2018, the SEC launched a lawsuit against Saivian, alleging that Dalius and Evans conducted a $165 million Ponzi scheme.

While Saivian’s demise signaled the end of Dalius’ Ponzi scheme, Evans doubled down on Elamant.

Elamant is essentially a Saivian clone targeted especially towards African investors.

Despite facing a $100 million securities fraud case in the United States, Morgan continues to perpetrate securities fraud through Elamant.

So yet, US officials have not pursued Morgan for continuing to scam people with Elamant. It remains to be seen if this will alter.

According to SimilarWeb traffic statistics for Elamant’s website, investor recruiting has ceased.

In the event that Ryan Evans does not reach an agreement with the SEC, his Saivian securities fraud trial has been rescheduled for June 6th, 2023.

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